Argelander Career Talks

A Roadmap to an International Academic Career

The "Argelander Career Talks" are an online event series which aims to portrait both international academic careers as well as science systems in other countries. In several talks spread throughout the semester, selected professors working in countries around the globe will share their experiences from their individual career path and give advice for a successfull academic career abroad.  The lecture series is aimed at early-careers researchers of all subject areas, irrespective of the research field of the invited professor. 

Upcoming Talk

November 8, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (Bonn time):  Prof. Dr. Petr Sedlacek, Economist at the University of New South Wales in Australia

Petr Sedlacek is Professor of Economics at the University of New South Wales in Australia. He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam and subsequently worked at the University of Bonn (2012-2017) and the University of Oxford before taking up his current position in Australia. Learn more about Prof. Dr. Sedlacek.

In one hour Prof. Sedlacek will share

  • his scientific career up to date
  • how the science system and academic careers in Australia differ from Germany 
  • what career opportunities Australia offers for early-career researchers

and will, of course, be happy to answer your questions!

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