04. February 2020

Coronavirus: Information for University Employees Coronavirus: Information for University Employees

Coronavirus: Information for University Employees

Coronavirus: Information for University Employees
Coronavirus: Information for University Employees © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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Infections with a novel coronavirus have been occurring in the city of Wuhan, capital of China’s Hubei province, since December 2019. Infections are now notably on the rise, with deaths having been reported. The disease is spreading in China. Its cause and transmission routes have not yet been fully clarified.

The German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for the Hubei province. Chinese authorities have issued a ban on leaving the area.

Other Chinese provinces have also issued traveling and mobility restrictions to different extents. This can increasingly affect long-distance travel. 

In general, severe restrictions on mobility are to be expected in China. When traveling to, returning from or moving about China, travelers must expect to have their temperature taken by the authorities and, when showing symptoms, to be quarantined. Neighboring countries, Russia among others, may temporarily close their borders. Several airlines have temporarily suspended or strongly limited air traffic.

As the outbreak massively strains the Chinese medical system, limited general health care must be expected.

In light of these events, the University of Bonn’s senior management is taking the following action to protect its members:

  • The Rectorate strongly advises members of the University to refrain from traveling to China. Exchange with partners in China should be limited to alternative means of communication, such as phone, video or web conferences.
  • Official trips to the Hubei province will not be authorized until further notice; official trips to the Hubei province that have already been authorized must be canceled.
  • This ban does not affect authorized official trips to other areas in China until further notice. It is at the discretion of each member of the University of Bonn whether or not they wish to go on a planned official trip to China. Expenses for travel preparations will be reimbursed upon cancellation of official trips to China. The University of Bonn’s management advises all travelers to pay particular attention to the information issued by the German Foreign Office and the Robert Koch Institute, to thoroughly assess whether or not they wish to go on an official trip to China and to postpone trips to China if possible.

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