27. July 2022

Exciting science in the city center of Bonn Exciting science in the city center of Bonn

Soapbox Science Rheinland brings together researchers from the universities of Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf ot Bottlerplatz on August 6th

Not in a lecture hall, but in the middle of Bonn's city center, twelve young researchers from the universities of Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf will give insights into their daily research work and answer questions on August 6 from 1 to 4 p.m. on Bottlerplatz. Inspired by the "Speakers Corner" in London's Hyde Park, where debates and discussions were held in public and with the participation of the audience, the scientists will stand on wooden boxes (soapboxes) and present their research in an understandable and descriptive way - partly in German, partly in English.

Soapbox Science Rheinland
Soapbox Science Rheinland - Last year, the event took place in the city center of Cologne. Among others, Dr. Anette Christ from the Institute of Innate Immunity of the University Hospital Bonn presented her work. © David Fußhöller/ Uni Bonn
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The audience learns how a quantum computer works, what influence climate change has on our beer, how microorganisms are recognised by plants and much more.

In the process, Soapbox Science also dispels an old cliché that stubbornly persists in many people's minds: Scientists are old men with frizzy, grey hair. The Soapbox Science series of events has been proving that the opposite can indeed be the case for more than ten years now at a wide variety of locations around the world.

“Soapbox Science Rheinland" is organised and carried out jointly by the Excellence Clusters ImmunoSensation2 (University of Bonn), CECAD (University of Cologne) and CEPLAS (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and University of Cologne), with the support of volunteers. In addition, the Citizens' University of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1208 support the event.

Sophie Krimmer
ImmunoSensation2 Cluster of Excellence
University of Bonn
Phone: +49 151 58242740 / +49 228 28751288
Email: immunosensation@uni-bonn.de

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