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University management reaches gender parity for the first time (Mar 03, 2021)
Pharmacists at the University of Bonn: Substances block key step in coronavirus replication (Mar 03, 2021)
Paleontologists from the Universities of Bonn and Liverpool examined 14 skulls of Plateosaurus trossingensis (Feb 26, 2021)
Research on human-water systems strengthens United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Feb 26, 2021)
In a transdisciplinary project, researchers at the University of Bonn are linking computer-based models from economics, epidemiology and financial research (Feb 24, 2021)
Study by the University of Bonn determines minimum time for complex quantum operations (Feb 19, 2021)
Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Bonn uncover altered brain connectivity (Feb 19, 2021)
A new research project involving the University of Bonn uses burglars’ own smartphones to sound the alarm (Feb 19, 2021)
New method developed by researchers at the University of Bonn establishes connection between neuronal networks and behavior (Feb 18, 2021)
Research team from the University of Bonn evaluates income and wealth data from the United States (Feb 17, 2021)