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Study by biologists at the University of Bonn shows: Fish become more “risk-seeking” under increased radiation intensity (Dec 14, 2017)
Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies opens (Dec 06, 2017)
Researchers show in mice that transplanted muscle cells display improved engraftment in a magnetic field (Dec 01, 2017)
GlobalMathNetwork under Bonn's leadership focuses on doctoral students (Nov 16, 2017)
Institutions from the region of Bonn form new network (Nov 15, 2017)
The University of Bonn is expanding its network on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference (Nov 06, 2017)
Rector Hoch visits partner institutions in Paris (Nov 02, 2017)
A delegation from the University of Bonn meet with researcher in Tokyo who before had been guests in Bonn. (Nov 02, 2017)
An RNA aptamer isolated by scientists at the University of Bonn can effectively prevent allergic reactions in mice (Oct 30, 2017)
International research team discovers a novel mechanism how inflammatory cells impair promising tumor treatments (Oct 18, 2017)