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Scientists from Bonn, Münster, and the US study a newly hatched dumbo octopus for the first time (Feb 19, 2018)
Its infrared organs warn the insect of hot surfaces, a study by the University of Bonn shows (Feb 16, 2018)
Study shows that in a threatening environment, male cichlids delay the development of their striking color (Feb 02, 2018)
Researchers at the University of Bonn have developed a method that selectively marks certain bone marrow cells (Feb 01, 2018)
Universities of Bonn and Koblenz-Landau: Participating children opt for fruit and vegetables more often (Jan 29, 2018)
Study of the University of Bonn shows: Protein catalyzes an important metabolic step and additionally regulates gene activity (Jan 23, 2018)
Study at the University of Bonn may facilitate the breeding of higher-yielding varieties in the long term (Jan 18, 2018)
International team led by the University of Bonn and the Charité researches rare diseases (Jan 15, 2018)
An international team of scientists led by researchers from the Argelander Institute for Astronomy has mapped the mass distribution in a distant galaxy cluster (RCS2J2327). This cosmic colossus is located in the constellation Pisces at a distance of approximately 6.4 billion light years. According to current research results it consists of about 85 percent invisible dark matter. (Jan 12, 2018)
Study by the University of Bonn shows that even after a change to a healthy diet, the body's defenses remain hyperactive (Jan 11, 2018)