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The computer science professor at the University of Bonn uses light echoes to make the invisible visible (Sep 19, 2018)
Researchers at the University of Bonn discover a new role for the allergy driver: It influences signal transmission in the brain (Sep 11, 2018)
Researchers at the University of Bonn determine how dangerous inflammations in the brain are caused (Aug 31, 2018)
University of Bonn coordinates a Europe-wide clinical study for the MACUSTAR consortium (Aug 29, 2018)
Bonn’s economists and mathematicians rank at the top (Aug 24, 2018)
An international team of scientists from Australia and the University of Bonn have taken an important step towards gaining a better understanding of the brain’s inner workings, including the molecular processes that could play a role in neurological disorders such as epilepsy. (Aug 16, 2018)
In Brazil, University of Bonn professor receives highest honor in mathematics (Aug 01, 2018)