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A number of disciplines from the University of Bonn have distinguished themselves, performing well in the international subject-specific Shanghai ranking. (Jul 08, 2020)
Study by the University of Bonn could contribute to the development of more efficient crops (Jul 02, 2020)
Study by the University of Bonn identifies molecule that regulates two side effects of aging (Jun 25, 2020)
"Murmuras" develops software for behavioral research. Successful in the "Digital Innovation" competition (Jun 25, 2020)
Ice core research in Antarctica sheds new light on the role of sea ice for the carbon balance (Jun 22, 2020)
Study by the Universities of Bonn and Nijmegen explains how BCG vaccination reduces susceptibility to infections (Jun 15, 2020)
Steep decline in working hours of parents expected due to lack of childcare (Jun 05, 2020)
Dr. Hendrik Ohnesorge from the University of Bonn has investigated how the forces of attraction take effect in international relations (May 29, 2020)
Method is suitable for the detection of diabetes-related eye disease, shows study by the University of Bonn (May 25, 2020)
On travel restrictions and support for international researchers at the Welcome Center (May 18, 2020)