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Study led by the University of Bonn elucidated a previously unknown possible cause of dementia (May 19, 2017)
Characteristic may have developed 20 million years earlier, a study by the Universities of Cape Town and Bonn shows (May 18, 2017)
Researchers at the University of Bonn restore the memory performance of Methuselah mice to a juvenile stage (May 08, 2017)
For the first time researchers are analysing human dendritic cells with single cell resolution (May 05, 2017)
Researchers at the University of Bonn create realistic 3D model of the lateral line in fishes (May 03, 2017)
Spreading Chinese language and culture (Apr 27, 2017)
The ImmunoSensation cluster of excellence at the University of Bonn licenses top-class patent to biotech company (Apr 27, 2017)
Researchers at the universities of Cologne and Bonn uncover the link between protein aggregation and aging (Apr 20, 2017)
A research group at University Bonn uncovers how plants detect and defeat parasitic worms (Apr 13, 2017)
Experts led by the University of Bonn are restoring a relic that is attributed to Saint Ambrose (Apr 11, 2017)