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Study by the University of Bonn investigates the influence of lockdown on geodetic measurements (Sep 23, 2020)
Cluster of Excellence "Beyond Slavery and Freedom" of the University of Bonn concludes its first thematic year with a conference (Sep 18, 2020)
Conference at the University of Bonn highlights opportunities and challenges (Sep 14, 2020)
Researchers from the Universities of Münster and Bonn study the signal transduction in the brain (Sep 11, 2020)
Researchers at the Universities of Bonn and Opole examined bones of the puzzling Panthasaurus maleriensis (Sep 08, 2020)
Researchers at the University of Bonn discover unexpected interaction between the protein APC and heme (Sep 04, 2020)
Economists receive coveted European Research Council funding (Sep 04, 2020)
Particularly good rating in the area of teaching (Sep 02, 2020)