FAQ's around the topic of apprenticeship
You have questions? We the answers.

You have questions? We have the answers!

In the list of frequently asked questions you will find important information about education at the University of Bonn in advance. 

FAQ's about education at the University of Bonn. 

The tender process for a training year always begins in the fall of the previous year. Please apply only in response to this advertisement.

For technical reasons, we require your complete and informative application documents, including a curriculum vitae and the last three school reports, in the form of a merged PDF file for detailed examination of your documents. We deliberately refrain from setting a specific application deadline and will only close this call for applications when all training positions have been successfully filled. 

The applications are checked in advance by the HR department and a selection is sent to the relevant trainers. The trainers then invite the applicants to an aptitude test and possibly later to an interview.

As this procedure takes some time, there may be an extended waiting period. In any case, you will receive notification of the outcome of the procedure.


The training at the University of Bonn always starts on 01 August each year.

  • 1st year of training 1,036.82€
  • 2nd year of training 1,090.96€
  • 3rd year of training 1,140.61€
  • 4th year of training 1,209.51€*

*The regular duration of our apprenticeships varies between 3 and 3.5 years. 

The University of Bonn attaches great importance to well-trained specialists. We take on all trainees for at least 1 year after they have successfully passed their final exams, provided there are no personal or behavioral reasons for not doing so.

Trainees can apply for capital formation benefits in the amount of 13,29 € per month.

Trainees who are in a training relationship with the University of Bonn on December 1 receive a special annual payment in the amount of 95% of the training pay for the month of November.

In addition, trainees receive a graduation bonus of 400€ for successfully passing the final examination in the first attempt.

Trainees are entitled to 30 days' vacation in accordance with § 9 TVA-L NRW BBiG. Our trainees are entitled to 5 days of special leave before the final examination to prepare for the examination. 

  • Qualification:
    Interesting qualification offers for trainees from our staff development department ranging from teamwork seminars to intercultural training and language workshops. You can find more information here1.
  • Meals:
    Trainees can obtain a Mensa-Card through the Studentenwerk Bonn. This entitles the trainees to eat in the refectories of the University of Bonn at subsidized prices (student prices).
  • University sports:
    The University of Bonn offers a wide range of sports facilities in the area of university sports, some of which can be used by trainees free of charge. To the university sports2.  
  • Family Home Trips:
    Students whose parents or spouses live so far away that a daily trip to the workplace and back to their place of residence is unreasonable due to the distance are entitled to one family home trip per month. The University of Bonn will cover the costs of the ticket of the lowest class of the least expensive regular means of transportation.

Apprenticeships at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn offers training in 18 different professions. There is something for everyone! We offer you vocational training with a future - and for all school-leaving qualifications.

Apprenticeship vacancies for 2021

We attach great importance to targeted and high-quality training, for which we are looking for motivated and motivated applicants at certain dates of the year.


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