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Appointment Process

The appointment process is carefully managed by the faculties, Human Resources and Appointment Management and dedicated contacts are here to provide great support. Learn more about the appointment process and contacts.

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Current Job Openings

Head of Programme for the research programme "Transformation of Economic and Social Systems" of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE, Bonn) combined with a Cooperation Professorship (W2) for International Exonomics / Development Economics (University of Bonn
(Deadline: 15.10.2021)

W1 Argelander Assistant Professor for Integrated System Modelling for Sustainability Transitions (tenure track to W2)
(Deadline: 31.10.2021)

W2 Professorship in Pharmaceutical Biology
(Deadline: 31.10.2021)

W2 Professorship for Didactics of Geography
(Deadline: 31.10.2021)

W1 Junior Professorship Discrete Mathematics (Tenure Track)
(Deadline: 31.10.2021)

W3 Hertz Chair at the interface Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems
(Deadline: 15.11.2021)

W2 Associate Professorship in Macroeconomics with Tenure Track
(Deadline: 15.11.2021)

W1 Assistant Professorship in Economic History, fixed-term
(Deadline: 15.11.2021)

W3 Professor for Data-based Simulation with Industial Applications


Head of a research group of the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing
(Fraunhofer SCAI)
(Deadline: 15.11.2021)

W1 Assistant Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, tenure track to W3
(Deadline 15.11.2021)

W 3 Professorship for German Medieval Studies with special focus on German Literature
of the Early and High Middle Ages
(Deadline 30.11.2021)

Appointment Portal

Starting in 2020, a growing number of appointments have been handled through the Appointment Portal, which provides a high level of transparency and security.

It is currently being used by the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Protestant Theology, the Transdisciplinary Research Areas and Central Research Institutes.

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Contact Information

Avatar Dierker

Miriam Dierker

Head of Appoinment Management and Onboarding

+49 228 73-7244

Avatar Scheifgen

Uwe Scheifgen

Head of Division 3.1 - Human Resources Management

+49 228 73-7253

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