10. May 2022

Editorial Editorial: Summer Semester has Started

Summer Semester has Started

Dear Readers,

The summer semester has started, the cherry blossom season has just come to an end and Hofgarten lawn is filling up again. It looks like it could be the first “real” semester at University for many of our students, with courses and events all taking place again in person, as it used to be before the pandemic. Even though the majority of coronavirus restrictions in North Rhine-Westphalia has since ceased to apply, the coronavirus is not defeated yet for a long time.

This is why the University of Bonn continues to make provisions to ensure protection of its members and visitors against a coronavirus infection.  We call on you to voluntarily wear a mask where minimum distance cannot be safely maintained and, by doing so, make a contribution for the safety and well-being of all.

While some kind of normality is slowly returning to university life, we continue to live in extraordinary times—the horrific invasion of neighboring Ukraine by Russia also impacts the University of Bonn. More on this later on in the current Forsch.

We hope you very much enjoy reading this issue.

The Forsch Editorial Team

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