11. September 2018

University of Bonn delegation visits St. Andrews University of Bonn delegation visits St. Andrews

Vice Rector for International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann, and the Provost of the University of Bonn, Holger Gottschalk, visited the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, together with representatives from the university. The focus of the visit to the long-standing partner university, which is one of the best in the United Kingdom, was to discuss strategic issues and deepen cooperation between the two institutions.

University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews - The German delegation led by Provost Holger Gottschalk (left) was given the opportunity to visit highlights from the special collections of the host university. © Photo: Gayle McIntyre / University of St Andrews
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"I wanted to get to know the University of St. Andrews in person. It is a long-standing, important cooperation partner of the University of Bonn, with which we have bilateral Erasmus collaborations in various disciplines, as well as a joint master program with a double degree in German Studies," says Holger Gottschalk, who traveled to the east coast of Scotland together with a group of members from the university’s administration. Already founded in 1413, the University of St. Andrews has over 400 years more of experience ahead of Bonn.

High-ranking representatives from the host university met with the Provost and Vice Rector for talks, including the Quaestor of St. Andrews, Derek A. Watson, as well as the Vice Principal for International Strategy and External Relations, Prof. Brad MacKay and Vice Principle for Research and Innovation, J. Derek Woollins. The meetings focused on governance structures, funding systems, university policies and priorities, human resource management and other topical issues.

Against the background of Britain's exit from the EU, Conermann and Gottschalk discussed with their hosts how future cooperation in study, teaching and research could be shaped with British universities in general and St. Andrews in particular.

The declared aim of the University of Bonn in the context of the current Excellence Strategy is to further promote the internationalization of its administration. The internationalization of the administration is one of several administrative projects flanking the University of Bonn’s application. Holger Gottschalk says: "Strengthening the intercultural skills of our administrative staff is very important to me. Erasmus staff mobility placements play an important role as an international qualification measure, as they strengthen the intercultural and foreign language competencies of employees." By visiting his colleagues in St. Andrews, the Provost sees himself as a role model for the university administration to encourage more international exchanges.

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