02. November 2017

Networking with Research Alumni in Japan Networking with Research Alumni in Japan

A delegation from the University of Bonn meet with researcher in Tokyo who before had been guests in Bonn.

The University of Bonn hosted its first alumni conference for researchers. At Waseda University in Tokyo, 32 Japanese researchers reported on what they were particularly fond of at the Alma Mater in Bonn as a visiting scholar. A delegation from the University of Bonn traveled to Japan to further strengthen the network between the two countries.

Alumni Research Conference
Alumni Research Conference - A delegation from the University of Bonn met with Japanese researchers and Bonn University research alumni at Waseda University in Tokyo. © Photo: Denis Nasser/Uni Bonn
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"With the conference, we have deepened the relationship between the University of Bonn and our Japanese cooperation universities and have taken it to a new level," says Bonn University Rector Michael Hoch. "In exchange with our Japanese partners, we were able to jointly develop new ideas for strategic cooperation. The aim is to bind the alumni of our Alma Mater even closer to Bonn and to integrate them particularly into our core research areas" adds Hoch. In total, 32 Japanese researchers, who previously gained experience as visiting scientists at the University of Bonn, participated in the conference.

University of Bonn is partner of seven Japanese universities

The University of Bonn maintains partnerships with seven universities, most notably the University of Waseda. The focus of the networking event was the topic "Internationalization of Doctoral Education". Thus, doctoral students from Japan and Germany took part, in order to learn more about the country-specific ways to achieve a doctorate. In discussions, lectures and workshops it always came back to the question of how to expand and deepen the existing research network between Bonn and Japan.

"Many research alumni know the University of Bonn very well from their stays. As ambassadors, they can further expand our international network" says Sabine Höhl, coordinator of the University of Bonn's Alumni Network. The conference was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation as part of the international campaign "Research in Germany - Land of ideas".

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