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Department 2—IT and Computing Services

IT and Computing Services provides IT services and support for the University administration, from the digitization of administrative processes to systems operation and application development.

Contact information for IT and Computing Services

Along with University IT, IT and Computing Services provides computing services for the University. We provide support for the entire administration, provide hardware and manage the network and software used by the administration.

Please contact the Director's Office only.

Avatar von Rekowski

Volker von Rekowski

Deputy Director
Avatar Kniffler

Petra Kniffler

Director's Office

Large Equipment Procurement

The DFG Large Equipment Coordination Office, formerly part of this division, became part of Research and Innovation Services as of May 1, 2022.

Contact information for Application Programming

System and user support in the areas of campus management, resource management, document management, customer relationship management, form servers, enterprise application integration, SAP, data warehouse, application programming, project management

Avatar von Rekowski

Volker von Rekowski

Head of Section

Contact information for System Technology and Operations

System Technology and Operations provides server and end device support for the University of Bonn administration. This includes technical support for server, storage and database systems, stationary and mobile workplace computers including peripherals (printers, scanners) and smartphones, as well as firewalls and VPN connections to satellite stations.

Avatar Limberg

Uwe Limberg

Head of Section

Our areas of work

In addition to our basic responsibilities for office communications (MS Office), identity management (Active Directory), email, www, fax, software distribution, networks, firewalls, virus scanners, “satellite office” connections, IT security measures, mobile work/working from home, backup procedures and hotline support, we also provide support for:

SAP S/4 HANA with modules HCM (Human Resources), FI/FI-AA (Finance and Asset Accounting), MM (Procurement), SRM (Web-Based Procurement), PSM (Budget Management), CO (Controlling), Embedded BW (Business Intelligence), Data Warehouse (SuperX), Facility Management (ConjectFM) 

 approx. 800+

internal (administrative staff)



"external" (institute employees)

approx. 200

Virtual servers

approx. 20 “real” servers

Campus Management

Student and admissions administration (HISSOS, HISZUL and now: HISinOne APP), online application procedure

Examination procedure (HISPOS)

Electronic event management (HISLSF) together with University IT (HRZ)

Key benchmarks for administrative IT and computing services

  • Security, availability/reliability, standardization, rules

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