The seven faculties constitute the heart and center of the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn has divided its teaching and research activities into seven faculties, which are themselves subdivided into a number of institutes, departments and even clinics. These seven bodies are supplemented by a number of units which are subject to the direct authority of the University senate. This enables them to perform their specific tasks. The seven faculties are each run by a Dean and a faculty council staffed by members of the Dean’s Office and the academic groups. A number of the faculties date back to the foundation of the University of Bonn in 1818; others were added at a later date.

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Faculty of Protestant Theology

As one of the oldest faculties at the University of Bonn, the Faculty of Protestant Theology has established a reputation as a leading centre of research and teaching in this area.

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Faculty of Catholic Theology

The Faculty of Catholic Theology is rich in tradition and has already been established in 1818. It is known for its interdisciplinary, international and cross-institutional approach.

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Faculty of Agriculture

The only Faculty of Agricultural Science in North Rhine-Westphalia sets standards in research and teaching.

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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The largest faculty at the University of Bonn is active in a wide range of subjects from astronomy to zoology.

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Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine combines research and teaching with the treatment of patients. Its work places the person at the center of its focus.

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Faculty of Arts

Diversity is its strength: the Faculty of Arts provides the humanistic center of the University.

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Faculty of Law and Economics

Two departments, Economics and Law are united under the aegis of a unique faculty.

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