Fit4Math - Online Course in Mathematics

The online tool to improve the math skills of incoming first-year students.

You are about to study a subject for which math is essential? You want to test or refresh your knowledge of math before beginning your studies? You have already started your studies and wish to close a knowledge gap or two – preferably at your own learning pace? You simply enjoy doing math? Then our Fit4Math online course is for you!

Course description

The Fit4Math online course consists of two basic elements: learning modules and tests.

The learning modules cover important mathematical topics (basic principles in term transformation and fractions, knowledge of functions, differential and integral calculus, linear algebra and stochastics) and calculation techniques are explained with the help of examples.

The tests are designed for you to test your knowledge anytime and to practice what you have learned by solving problems. Each test consists of 10 questions on a given topic, which are recombined each time you take the test.

So: Take advantage of this opportunity and become fit for math!

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If you use Fit4Math as part of your participation in preliminary courses in mathematics, all information is available here:

In this case, register at

Students are also welcome to use Fit4Math even before they start their studies (e.g. as part of their preparation for the Abitur in high school).

 Current students and staff may take the course anytime!

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