Ringvorlesung Berufsperspektiven Altamerikanistik und Ethnologie

The Department of the Anthropology of the Americas has run an annual lecture series since summer semester 2014, which in 2017 switched to a two-weekly format in the winter semester.

The series seeks to outline potential career paths for students of this subject by introducing selected occupations related to their degree. The individual lectures are designed by graduates of the degree program who share their insights and professional history with current students. They also introduce the organization and culture of selected employers, including museums, development organizations, media organizations, publishing houses, research projects, the tourist industry, academic and culture management etc.

Information about the lecture series in WiSe 2022/23 will be available here from fall 2022 onwards.


Sabine Geißdorf (beurlaubt bis Anfang Oktober 2022)
Kustodie/ Studiengangsmanagement
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie/
Abteilung für Altamerikanistik
Oxfordstraße 15
53111 Bonn
Phone: +49-(0)228/73-4653
E-Mail: s.geissdorf@uni-bonn.de
Homepage:  www.iae.uni-bonn.de/

Sascha Sistenich
Studiengangsmanagement Altamerikanistik und Kulturanthropologie
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie
Abteilung für Altamerikanistik
Oxfordstr. 15
53111 Bonn
Tel.: +49-(0)228/73-4653
E-Mail: studiengangsmanagement.altamerikanistik@uni-bonn.de

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