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Please note: The event is held in German unless you will find the information that the event is held in Englisch.

Are you a student or graduate and would like to get to know employers in the region? At Next Stop: Job, companies open their doors for students and provide information about opportunities for job entries, jobs, trainee programmes and much more. The dates take place online! The economic development agencies and the universities in the region invite you to take a look at exciting activities and jobs in the region.

Participation is for free and may open new career perspectives!

Here 1111you can find a poster with the program of the SoSe 2021.

The dates for the 2021 summer semester are as follows:

  • 19.04.2021, 11 a.m.: Deutsche Welle
    Sought-after fields of study: IT, STEM (Mathematics, Engineering, Natural sciences, Technology)
  • 20.04.2021, 2 p.m.: Federal Network Agency
    Sought-after fields of study: Law, Economics, Computer science, Engineering
  • 27.04.2021, 11 a.m.: GIZ
    Sought-after fields of study: Humanities, Economics and Law
  • 05.05.2021, 1 p.m.: Objektkultur Software GmbH
    Sought-after fields of study: IT/ Computer science, Business informatics, Industrial engineering 
  • 11.05.2021, 1 p.m.: capricorn COMPOSITE
    Sought-after fields of study: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering
  • 01.06.2021, 4 p.m.: German Aerospace Center e.V.
    Sought-after fields of study: Computer science, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mathematics, Technomathematics, Numerics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • 15.06.2021, 1 p.m.: Verlag für die deutsche Wirtschaft AG
    Sought-after fields of study: Business Information Systems, Marketing, Online Marketing/IT (MIT), Economics, Media Studies, Communication Studies, Psychology, Business Psychology, Digital Media Communication, Business Management, Media Information
  • 07.07.2021, 2 p.m.: BAD Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheit GmbH
    Sought-after fields of study: Medicine, Safety/Engineering/Technology, Health Management, Sports, Business Administration, Psychology 
  • 08.07.2021, 11 a.m.: Aktion Mensch e.V.
    Sought-after fields of study: Business Administration, Computer Science/Business Informatics, Marketing/Media Management/Communication Sciences, Digital Business, HR

Since 2015, the Rhein-Sieg-district, the city of Bonn and the district of Ahrweiler have been organising this event together with five universities, including the University of Bonn, and various companies.

Note for employers:

If you are interested in presenting yourself as an employer to students of the five universities of the region, please contact us. We would be pleased if you would give students the opportunity to get to know you as an employer and the options for part-time jobs during their studies, for internships and as a start after their graduation. In this regard, the "Next stop: job" event is an iformational event in which you present your company to students in an online event or in a presentation on site. It is not a job fair.


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