Master of Arts
Renaissance Studies

Renaissance Studies

In the international and interdisciplinary master’s degree program Renaissance Studies / Studi Rinascimentali at the Universities of Bonn and Florence, students are conveyed extensive knowledge of the culture of the 15th and 16th centuries in the areas of Italian studies, art history and New Latin philology, all of which constitute mandatory modules in Bonn. In Florence, the curriculum also includes mandatory courses in history.

Beyond this core content, students in this degree program can develop profiles according to their individual interests by choosing courses from the areas of Protestant church history, English studies, legal history, theater studies and other European literatures. In most cases, students spend their second or third semester at the partner university and return to their home university in the final semester to write their final thesis. Graduates are awarded a German-Italian double degree. 


Possible lines of work:

Research management, education (e.g. adult education at universities), book industry (publishing/ libraries/ translating/ editing), culture (cultural institutions, cultural management, embassies, regional cultural work, exhibitions, etc.), media/journalism (press, radio, television, on-line media, public relations), administration (international relations, e.g. diplomatic service, EU institutions, international organizations), academia (research management, teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Open admission
Master of Arts
4 Semester
Winter semester
Summer semester

Examination Regulations (German versions are legally binding)

University degree (German or non-German) in a relevant discipline

German language proficiency (CEFR level B2)

Italian language proficiency (CEFR level B2)

Knowledge of Latin equivalent to a minimum of 12 ECTS credits

Specific modules (36 ECTS credits total): Renaissance Culture (Art History, Literature, History)

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