The minor in Korean serves to convey to students knowledge of the Korean language on the basis of which they can communicate orally and in writing in day-to-day situations and progress to a degree of proficiency enabling them to independently access specialist literature. Students generally have no previous knowledge of the language when they begin their studies. As a result, this minor features an introduction to grammar and daily communication. As they progress, students are prepared for academic readings, which are necessary to understand intellectual life in Korea.

The minor in Korean must be combined with the BA in Asian Studies (major) within the profile Korean Studies. In the first three semesters students acquire, through the basic modules, fundamental knowledge of grammar and communication skills and the writing systems.

This subject must be combined with a second subject.

Possible lines of work:

Intercultural communication, intercultural management, international development cooperation, peace and conflict research, international educational work (adult education, language courses, etc.), politics (policy consulting), culture (conservation/maintenance/management of global cultural heritage, cultural institutions, culture management, museums, etc.), tourism (long-distance, educational and cultural tourism), journalism, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Job options strongly depend on a graduate’s chosen major.

Local NC (Uni Bonn)
Bachelor of Arts
6 Semester
Winter semester
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