Bachelor of Arts
German as a second and foreign language

German as a second and foreign language

The subject German as a Second and Foreign Language qualifies students for all fields of language instruction both in Germany and abroad. In this degree program students are given knowledge and skills that will enable them to teach adult language learners such as new immigrants or refugees, but also adolescents and children.

Combining elements of theory and practice, the degree program gives students knowledge of models and methods derived from research into the process of learning a second language, the fundamentals of German linguistics, and knowledge of German literature, culture, geography, history, and institutions. Students develop teaching skills through two modules that focus on the didactics of German as a second/foreign language. In addition, the gap to practice is bridged by the insights into potential areas of employment that students gather and especially by the accompanied practical phase of their training. The accompanied practical phase serves as a platform for students to practice and refine, in the classroom, the skills and competencies they have acquired, and allows them to reflect on their own teaching experiences.

This subject must be combined with a second subject.


Possible lines of work:

Language teaching in Germany and abroad (language teacher, DAAD Lektor or language assistant), learning counselor, development of teaching materials, classes in culture at German cultural organizations, language management, journalism (news agencies, publishers, radio, television, online media), academia (teaching/research at universities and research institutions, etc.)

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Bachelor of Arts
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At the University of Bonn, multilingualism and cultural diversity are considered to be valuable resources that complement subject-specific qualifications. This is why, in addition to curricular language modules, students have access to a diverse range of language-learning offers, including the independent-study offers at the Center for Language Learning (Sprachlernzentrum, SLZ) in which they can autonomously learn a foreign language or enhance existing language skills. Furthermore, students can apply for the “Certificate of Intercultural Competence” free of charge, which promotes extra-curricular and interdisciplinary activities of international or intercultural nature.

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