Master of Arts
English Literatures and Cultures

English Literatures and Cultures

The master's degree program English Literatures and Cultures covers the literatures and cultures of Great Britain and the post-colonial world. In this master's degree program, applicants who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree can expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter while developing advanced research competencies.

The content focus of this degree program is on the English renaissance as well as British literature and culture of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries up to the present. In addition, post-colonial literary criticism and cultural studies are covered in greater depth. Due to the interdisciplinary focus of this program, the in-depth study of language, literature and culture always includes questions from the areas of history, philosophy, politics, and media studies. In the course of the degree program, students can tailor their studies to their individual preferences by choosing different elective and research modules.


Possible lines of work:

Cultural management (theater, opera, museum, etc.), international language institutes (adult education), journalism/media industry, communications industry (advertising, public relations, translation), book industry (libraries, booksellers, publishers), international cultural relations, marketing, tourism, international organizations/authorities/governmental or non-governmental organizations, teaching at a public school, academia (research management, teaching/research at universities, research institutions, university administration, etc.)

Open admission
Master of Arts
4 Semester
Winter semester
Summer semester

Examination Regulations (German versions are legally binding)

University degree (German or non-German) in a relevant discipline

German language proficiency (DSH level 1, CEFR level B2, as per DSH exam. regulations)

Specific modules: Applied English language skills modules (18 ECTS credits) | English literary history, literary theory, theory development in cultural studies (18 ECTS credits total)

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