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This workshop is currently not offered. Intensive workshops and coachings on the topic of "time management" can be found in the current semester program of the workshop series "RessourcenStark durch's Studium".

Time Management

Sounds familiar? The first exams in your degree program are just round the corner, your head is full of learning and you have hardly any time left for the pleasant things in life? Are you lacking structure and finding it hard to get down to work or set the right priorities? Then come along to our “Time Management” workshop.

Working in a small group, participants in this workshop learn and try out suitable strategies and techniques for setting realistic goals and priorities in a logical way, avoiding procrastination and regularly maintaining a healthy study-life balance.

Registration and target group

Target group

Students, particularly new students (those in their first to third program-related semester)

As well as teaching content in the form of strategies and techniques, this psychological workshop focuses on applying this content to your personal learning situation, trying it out and adapting it to your individual circumstances. The third session in particular will be devoted to sharing experiences with regard to putting what you have learned into practice in your day-to-day life. You will be expected to make an active contribution if you want to take part in the workshop.

Questions about the event

The workshop is held every semester and consists of three sessions that build on one another. You can find the latest dates in the date section above these questions.

You will definitely need to register in advance as spaces at the Time Management workshop are limited. You will be required to make an active contribution and take part in all sessions in order to register for the workshop. Participation is free. Please use our registration form.

Contact information

Avatar Zilligen

Dipl.-Psych. Anne Zilligen

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