Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service Events

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service Events
Online Group Consultation on Switching Subjects and Universities
Jul 26, 2022 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Introductory talk with Q&A: The talk by the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service provides an overview of the key steps in the process for switching subjects and universities and explains what you might need to bear in mind. You will also get some tips on where you can do research, get guidance and find central service points and places to seek advice. Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email with details of how to take part in the meeting.

I Am Worth It! Improving Your Self-Esteem (Part 2)
Jul 01, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Are you familiar with self-doubts and insecurities? Are you often self-critical? Are your high expectations of yourself setting you up for unhappiness? When comparing yourself to others, do you often think of yourself as inferior? If you feel that these or similar patterns of thinking and behavior are holding you back in your (student) life and if you have the impression that you are keeping yourself from achieving your goals, this two-part workshop may be right for you. Improve your self-esteem by silencing your “inner critic” and by developing a benevolent attitude toward yourself. This workshop will provide you with input and suggestions on filling your “self-esteem treasure chest.” By engaging in active exchanges with other participants, you will learn about the causes and effects of self-esteem problems and strategies to boost your self-esteem. Active participation is expected. First part already took place on 10.06.2022.

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