Dormant black hole discovered outside our galaxy

A team of international experts, renowned for debunking several black hole discoveries, have found a stellar-mass black hole in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighbour galaxy to our own. Moreover, they found that the star that gave rise to the black hole vanished without any sign of a powerful explosion. The discovery was made thanks to six years of observations obtained with the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO’s) Very Large Telescope (VLT). The study has been published in the journal “Nature Astronomy”.

University and Nobel Laureates Celebrate Rudolph Clausius as Visionary

Roughly 400 guests took part today in a ceremony at the University of Bonn celebrating Bonn physicist Rudolph Clausius. A range of speakers from research and politics hailed the man’s scientific breakthroughs, including his formulation of the second law of thermodynamics, the coining of the term ‘entropy,’ and his prescience in what we today call ‘sustainability.’ To commemorate the occasion, the Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry has renamed itself the Clausius Institute. The highlight of the evening: speeches by Nobel Prize winners Professor Jean-Marie Lehn (Chemistry, 1987) and Professor Steven Chu (Physics, 1997).

Study details the “economic footprint” of the University of Bonn in the city and the region

The University of Bonn's 33,000 students and 7,500 employees represent a substantial “economic footprint” for the region: One in 25 jobs in the city is tied to the University, and it is responsible for one in every 40 euros generated here. This reflects the findings of a study by the Economica Institute, commissioned by the University of Bonn. The researchers also warned about the negative effects of shifting portions of the academic operations from the inner city to the outlying districts.

One year after the flood disaster, the University of Bonn draws a positive balance

The flood disaster of July 14 and 15, 2021, claimed human lives and caused immense property damage in large parts of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Members of the University of Bonn were affected, too. Many were in danger of their lives and had lost apartments and household goods. The readiness to help and the solidarity in the region and beyond was great afterwards. With the campaign "WIR helfen" (We help) initiated by the Rector, the University collected donations and helped unbureaucratically. Now a review took place on the anniversary of the flood.

Profits caused wages in the financial sector to rise

Companies share rising profits with their employees, which has led to above-average wage increases in the financial sector in recent years. This was revealed by a team led by Dr. Michael Böhm, a researcher at the ECONtribute Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bonn.

Sperm are masters of tetris packing

During sperm production, an enormous amount of DNA has to be packed into a very small space without breaking anything. A central role is played by certain proteins around which the DNA thread is wrapped - the protamines. A recent study by the University of Bonn provides new insights into this important mechanism. The results have been published in the journal PLoS Genetics.

Protein folding in times of oxygen deficiency

Protein molecules require a defined shape in order to function. When they are created, their building blocks are therefore linked together in a very specific way. Researchers at the University of Bonn are now taking a closer look at a key step in this process and are investigating the effects of transient oxygen starvation on protein folding in plants. Researchers from the University of Münster, the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the University of Bielefeld were also involved in the study. The study has now been published in the journal Plant Cell.

University of Bonn Experts on the War in Ukraine for the Media

The war in Ukraine has raised numerous pressing questions that need to be answered. At the University of Bonn, multiple experts research the topic area from different perspectives - from international law to international relations to resource policy. We have put together an overview for the media.

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