First PhenoRob Career Fair

Students and graduates of the University of Bonn are welcome to participate in the first PhenoRob Career Fair to expand their professional network.

University of Bonn again recognized as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘

Vice Rectorate for Sustainability Prof. Dr. Annette Scheersoi celebrated the latest accomplishment: ‘‘Our university’s engagement for fair trade has evolved spectacularly in the past two years. And this engagement has its origins in the midst of the university! The certification as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ was driven by students in 2020 and we’re excited that students and employees are continuing to determine the path of the Fair University of Bonn.‘‘

Cellular waste removal differs according to cell type

"Miniature shredders" are at work in each cell, disassembling and recycling cell components that are defective or no longer required. The exact structure of these shredders differs from cell type to cell type, a study by the University of Bonn now shows. For example, cancer cells have a special variant that can supply them particularly effectively with building blocks for their energy metabolism. The results were published online in advance. The final version has now been published in the journal "Molecular & Cellular Proteomics."

Graduation Ceremony on the Hofgartenpark

It’s that time again! On Saturday, July 8, 2023, the graduating class of 2022/23 will celebrate the successful completion of their studies at the Unifest. Online registration for the celebration is now open. We ask that all attendees register by June 2, 2023. 

Cult of the Gods in Pre-Egyptian Society

The desert in southern Egypt is filled with hundreds of petroglyphs and inscriptions dating from the Neolithic to the Arab period. The oldest date from the fifth millennium B.C., and few have been studied. Egyptologists at the University of Bonn and Aswan University now want to systematically record the rock paintings and document them in a database. Among them, a rock painting more than 5,000 years old depicting a boat being pulled by 25 men on a rope stands out in particular. 

Mindsets can influence the course of childbirth

Pregnant women's attitudes and mindsets can influence the course of childbirth. This is what psychologists at the University of Bonn established in a longitudinal study with around 300 participants. Women who see childbirth as a natural process are less likely to need pain medication or a caesarean section. The results are now published in the “European Journal of Social Psychology.”

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