07. May 2021

University of Bonn invites to Unifest 2021 University of Bonn invites to Unifest 2021

Going new ways with the "Graduation Walk”

The University of Bonn invites you to Unifest 2021. This year, the University of Bonn is breaking new ground with its Unifest and is planning digital offerings as well as a Graduation Walk around the Hofgartenwiese.

Digital Unifest 2021
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Since 2005, the University of Bonn has been saying goodbye to its current graduating class at the Bonn University Festival. Although this year's Unifest will not yet succeed in its traditional format, the Hofgartenwiese will still be the focus of the event, which is scheduled for August 28, 2021.

Unifest is planned as a combination of digital offerings as well as a presence event for graduates, the Graduation Walk on the Hofgartenwiese.


On the website of Unifest (www.universitaetsfest.uni-bonn.de) there are already numerous offers for graduates. University members, families and friends of the graduates are also invited to place messages and congratulations to the graduating class. You can create your own graduation videos and send digital greeting cards.


The highlight of this year's Unifest will be the Graduation Walk on 28.08.2021 on and around the Hofgartenwiese, in which graduates can participate together with up to three accompanying persons.


There will be numerous exciting activities. Stations planned include, for example, the distribution of gowns and berets, a campus store, beverage stations, photo stations and, as a highlight at the end, the presentation of the jewelry certificates.


Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch:

"Dear graduates, I cordially invite you and your families and friends: Celebrate your graduation together with us and become part of our tradition. Let's take new and innovative paths, around the Hofgarten and in the digital world. I look forward to it!"


Lena Hufschmidt
Event Management Team
Tel: +49228/73-3075
E-Mail: lena.hufschmidt@uni-bonn.de

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