16. March 2023

University of Bonn again recognized as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ University of Bonn again recognized as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘

University of Bonn renews its claim to the title of ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ for two years following successful recertification by ‘‘Fairtrade Germany‘‘

Vice Rectorate for Sustainability Prof. Dr. Annette Scheersoi celebrated the latest accomplishment: ‘‘Our university’s engagement for fair trade has evolved spectacularly in the past two years. And this engagement has its origins in the midst of the university! The certification as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ was driven by students in 2020 and we’re excited that students and employees are continuing to determine the path of the Fair University of Bonn.‘‘

The University of Bonn was once again successfully recertified
The University of Bonn was once again successfully recertified - as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘. The university will celebrate its renewed claim to this title with an upcoming ‘‘Fair Trade Week‘‘. © Photo: Barbara Fromman/Uni Bonn
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‘‘Fairtrade University Bonn“

Fair trade products like coffee, tea, and chocolate have long since become integral to daily life at the University of Bonn. The availability of fair produce at dining halls operated by the Studierendenwerk and the university’s approach to fair purchase are constantly expanding. Fair catering at commitee meetings and educational events, as well as city walks shining a spotlight on equitable trade practices in Bonn have made fair trade tangible at the University of Bonn.

The university regularly organizes events for those interested in informing themselves, gathering ideas for integrating fair practices into campus life, or getting involved in collaborative campaigns. In their 2021 ‘‘Sustainable September‘‘ campaign, the Student Initiative ‘‘Fairtrade‘‘ organized a fair goal shooting event, highlighting production conditions for sports items. Under the campaign #fairplay, sports at the university pledge to use balls made under fair conditions.

Initially recognized as a ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ in November 2020, the University of Bonn will be celebrating its recertification with Fair Trade Week. From Thursday, May 2, to Friday, May 5, students and staff can participate in a variety-filled program themed around fair trade, including workshops, interactive booths, and a movie night.

Campaign ‘‘Fairtrade University“

Institutes of higher learning are societal actors with the ability to influence social, ecological, cultural, and environmental development. ‘‘Fairtrade Universities‘‘ recognize this role and strive to implement fair trade in all aspects of campus life. The certificate ‘‘Fairtrade University‘‘ is awarded by TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany) and recognizes institutes of higher learning that push for fair, sustainable trade and consumption. The criteria for this award include offering fair trade products and informational materials, as well as structurally integrating fair trade into university life. At the University of Bonn, several key players work together for fair trade. For example, the group ‘‘Steering Towards Fair Trade‘‘ is led by students in collaboration with the Vice Rectorate for Sustainability, Sustainability Unit, Studierendenwerk, and university administrators.

More information about the selection criteria can be found at: https://www.fairtrade-universities.de/mitmachen/kriterien 

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