16. May 2022

Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants Transfer Center enaCom offers protoyping grants

Up to € 50,000 funding for product validations from research findings

From research to application: Up to € 50,000 funds are available for young scientists at the University of Bonn for product validations from their research. For the first time the Transfer Center enaCom is offering prototyping grants which support innovative research results to be further developed for commercialisation. Application deadline is May 19, 2022 for the current year; applications can be submitted four times a year in the future.

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The call for application is open to all research associates or assistants at the University, including the Faculty of Medicine. It is particularly aimed at postdoctoral researchers, doctoral candidates or advanced students of all disciplines who already have ideas for founding a start-up or spin-off based on their research. The underlying research result should be further developed towards commercialisation during the funding period in order to take the next step towards formation of a company or to be eligible for public start-up funding. To this end, the Transfer Center enaCom accompanies all successful applicants with a comprehensive advisory and coaching program for applying for start-up-specific third-party funds and for preparing a start-up.

Among others, the funding covers costs for material resources or service providers in compliance with the University procurement guidelines. The start-up advisors at the Transfer Center are available for consultation during the preparation of the application.

Note for all interested researchers: Applications for 2022 must be submitted by May 19. The deadlines for submitting applications for the coming year are September 15 and November 15, 2022. From 2023, the call will be open four times a year.


The prototyping grants are offered by the Transfer Center enaCom and financed from the ESC individual project "U-Bo-Grow" of the University of Bonn. They are funded by the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy (MWIDE) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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