04. January 2023

Three vehicles on fire at the University sports facility on Nachtigallenweg Three vehicles on fire at University sports facility

Three vehicles, including an electric transporter and a small tractor, were destroyed last night in a fire at the University sports facility on Nachtigallenweg. The vehicles had caught fire for as yet unexplained reasons.

Firefighting operation at the university sports grounds
Firefighting operation at the university sports grounds - Firefighters extinguish the burning vehicles. © Photo: Campus Security/Uni Bonn
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At 2:53 a.m., the first emergency call was received by the fire and rescue control center in Bonn. An employee of Campus Security and residents had alerted the fire department. The fire department was on the scene that night with a total of 28 firefighters from various stations, including the University hospital fire station. The fire department was able to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to adjacent buildings. Fortunately, no persons were injured during the operation.

While the first alarmed vehicles were still on their way, the alarm level was raised and additional forces were dispatched to the scene. A rapid attack pipe was used to prevent the fire from spreading to the buildings. The three vehicles on full fire were first extinguished with water, then with extinguishing foam. "Due to a quick extinguishing success, the spread to neighboring buildings could be prevented," says the fire department's mission report. There was damage to the facade due to heat and fire.

To clarify the cause of the fire, the criminal investigation department has taken up the investigation. The University of Bonn thanks all emergency services for their quick and courageous intervention, which prevented worse.

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