23. September 2021

Statement of the Rectorate of the University of Bonn on a publication of the Gender Equality Office Statement of the Rectorate on a publication of the Gender Equality Office

The text "Information and Tips on Handling Content Notes in Teaching" is a text independently sent by the Gender Equality Office of the University of Bonn to entities within the University and published on the homepage of the Gender Equality Office.

The Sciences
The Sciences - These statues on the roof of the University's Main Building represent the science disciplines. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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The Rectorate only became aware of this process from within the University on September 21, 2021. There was no information about the publication or authorization of the text by the Rectorate or the deans. The University management immediately began to clarify the facts. The Rectorate and the deans emphatically point out that this text does not constitute principles or guidelines for teaching at the University of Bonn.

Universities are places of free discourse. One basis for this is a university culture in which neither teachers are restricted in their choice of teaching topics, content, and examples, nor are certain topics excluded from academic discourse from the outset.

The University management is, of course, prepared to enter into an exchange about the "handling of content references". However, the freedom of science in research and teaching remains the unalterable basis of the work of the University, its scholars and students.

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