01. April 2020

If everyone works as a team, we can overcome this economic crisis Signs of life: If everyone works as a team, we can overcome this economic crisis

Many students from Bonn are currently doing exchange and scholarship programs abroad. Many others had to interrupt, cancel or postpone their stays due to the Coronavirus. In the new series "Signs of Life – Keeping up the Conversation”, we hear from those who are directly affected by the Coronavirus. Our outgoing and incoming students tell us about their everyday life at home and abroad and how they are dealing with the current situation. They give valuable tips to their fellow students against boredom and recommendations for anyone who is stranded.

Signs of life:
Signs of life: - Pravallika (left) with her girlfriend Yein (right) before the current situation © Photo: private
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Questions are asked by Dr. Sarah Monreal from the International Office.

Sarah Monreal: Why did you come to Germany and how do you experience the current academic situation at the University of Bonn?

Pravallika Nanneboina: I am doing Master's in Plant Sciences at the University of Bonn and just partially completed the first Semester. Now I am in dilemma what is going to happen for the coming months. Even though the situation seems so critical, I am proud to say the government and University members are taking important procedures to make our lives better academically and professionally. They came up with digital learning and I appreciate that. My main concern is: the government strictly prohibited gathering with more than 2 people, so students who haven't completed their semesters' written exams, how they are going to make that happen? I have this concern and it is increasing the pressure in my mind.

What is most difficult for you in the current situation?

Many international people are going to face some financial problems. Many have been offered to work from home, and if there are offline jobs, they usually require full German language skills. Help doesn't require any language priority. I believe if everyone works as a team, we can overcome this economic crisis, too. Instead, of spending time on Netflix (I am speaking from an international students point of view, lonely in a room and don't know what to do). I have two working contracts from the University of Bonn, but they includue laboratory and fieldwork, and currently there is no chance for me of going outside.

Do you have any advice to improve the situation of international students during the Corona crisis?

Hire people for online volunteering and offline help too, the more you share work with students, they feel much better despite thinking about the present situation and everyone likes to participate more than just in discussions. I mean, active participation will always boost positivity.

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