20. March 2020

Fire at University building in Wegelerstraße Fire at University building in Wegelerstraße

A fire alarm went off this morning in Wegelerstraße, Campus Bonn-Poppelsdorf. Next to the University building, which houses, among other things, the University IT, an external cooling unit was on fire.

Fire at University building
Fire at University building © Photo: Leitzke/Uni Bonn
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The fire caused a column of smoke visible from afar. The fire alarm system in the building had triggered an immediate evacuation. Everyone in the building was able to escape to safety.

The fire brigade was on site with 40 firefighters, and the University's technical staff were also quickly on hand. The fire was extinguished about three quarters of an hour after the alarm. University IT was able to continue its operations unhindered. The University of Bonn thanks the Bonn Fire Department and all helpers for their courageous intervention.

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