07. January 2022

Construction work begins on new laboratory and seminar building at Poppelsdorf campus Construction work begins on new laboratory and seminar building

Interim quarters for upcoming renovation measures

At the beginning of the new year, Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW (BLB NRW) has begun construction work on the new so-called "multi-use building" in the southwestern area of Poppelsdorf campus. The construction site had already been set up before the turn of the year. In the future, the new building will serve as interim space for various institute buildings of the University of Bonn that are in need of renovation. For this purpose, in addition to laboratories the multi-use building will provide meeting rooms, workrooms and offices for several hundred University members. The interim space is necessary to free up the existing institute buildings for the upcoming renovation measures.

New building
New building - This is how the new multi-use building in the southwestern area of Poppelsdorf campus will look. © Bergstermann + Dutczak Architekten Ingenieure GmbH
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Several occupancy cycles are already planned for the new building: "The building was planned in such a way that as many different disciplines as possible can make the best possible use of the laboratories and rooms," explains Christiane Feger, head of the department responsible for construction at the BLB NRW branch in Cologne. In the first cycle, various institutes in the fields of physics and biology will occupy the space.

The building, with a usable floor space of approximately 8,300 square meters, will be constructed as a four-story structure - plus a fully usable basement and a recessed technical center on the roof. The enclosed courtyard will bring daylight into the basement, with which it is on one level and where it will be accessible as a sheltered outdoor area.

Construction will take place over the next two and a half years in four phases (plus excavation of the building pit). The basement and first floor will be built in solid concrete. The remaining floors will then be built from a total of 142 prefabricated steel construction modules.

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