15. November 2021

"Studying in times of Corona" 1st place for the University of Bonn in the PR-Bild Award competition

1st place for the University of Bonn in the PR-Bild Award competition

For almost two years now, the Corona pandemic has been shaping all aspects of our lives. Universities are no exception. A year ago, the University of Bonn had already addressed the impact of the pandemic on university operations in its magazine "forsch" and visualized it with a series of images. The cover motif, which shows students wearing mouth guards in a "hybrid" lecture, has now won 1st place in the nationwide PR-Bild Award 2021.

Studying in times of Corona
Studying in times of Corona - Students wearing mouth guards in a hybride lecture. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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The award for the photo "Studying in times of Corona" by photographer Volker Lannert was in the award category "Lifestyle". Gregor Hübl, picture editor of the University Communications Department, had submitted the picture, which ultimately convinced the jury. In its statement, the jury wrote: "The picture captures the students' condition during Covid 19 measures in a very authentic way. You can literally empathize with how they are feeling."

The photo was also the cover motif of the 2020 Annual Report of the Rectorate of the University of Bonn.

"The Corona pandemic is taking a tremendous toll on students and faculty at our University," said Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch, the Rector of the University of Bonn. "I warmly congratulate Gregor Hübl and Volker Lannert for the award of this picture, which impressively captures the practical challenges of this difficult situation, but precisely also the emotions and states of mind of our university members associated with it."

The PR Picture Award is presented by the dpa subsidiary news aktuell. Almost 500 pictures had been submitted by 192 companies and organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From these, the ten best images were selected in each category. More than 28,000 votes in a public poll were then included in the evaluation. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony took place in a digital setting on YouTube. It was moderated by artist and journalist Michel Abdollahi.

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