25. November 2022

Next round for Collaborative Research Center in Immunology Next round for Collaborative Research Center in Immunology

Focus on mechanisms for recognition and elimination of foreign genetic material

Success for a research alliance of the University of Bonn, the Technical University of Dresden and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU): The Collaborative Research Center (SFB)/Transregio 237 "Nucleic Acid Immunity" has convinced with its research work of the past four years. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding it for another period with around ten million euros. As planned, the function of spokesperson will be transferred from Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann of the University of Bonn to Prof. Dr. Veit Hornung of the LMU.

Group photo
Group photo - at the General Symposium at the Conference Center Obergurgl of the University of Innsbruck. © Photo: Dr. Simon Görgen/SFB/Transregio 237
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Mechanisms for the recognition and elimination of foreign genetic material are the focus of the SFB/Transregio 237 "Nucleic Acid Immunity". Certain receptors of the immune system can distinguish foreign nucleic acids from the body's own and thus contribute decisively to the defense against pathogens. Within the framework of the SFB/Transregio, the scientists want to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of nucleic acid immunity and investigate the way in which disruptions contribute to the development of diseases - for example chronic infections and autoimmune diseases. The results should also enable the development of new, targeted therapies and therapeutic vaccines.

The SFB/Transregio has already been funded by the DFG since 2018 and is now entering a second funding phase. The spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Veit Hornung from the LMU Gene Center. The Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Bonn are also involved. In terms of content and personnel, the research network is closely linked to the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2 and the Transdisciplinary Research Area "Life and Health" at the University of Bonn.





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