22. October 2020

Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production

DigiCrop2020 – International Conference by the PhenoRob Cluster of Excellence

The International Conference on Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production (DigiCrop2020), which is running from November 1-10, 2020 fully online and free of charge, is the new flagship conference of the German Cluster of Excellence “PhenoRob – Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production” at the University of Bonn. The topic of the innovative conference could not have been any more pressing: Climate change is impacting crop production and at the same time we need to substantially increase the production of biomass within the next decades. How to do this in a sustainable manner is a challenge that not only the over 100 members of “PhenoRob” are working on but also the 50 presenters and six keynote speakers at DigiCrop.

The PhenoRob researchers
The PhenoRob researchers - use modern technologies for monitoring and analyzing fields. © PhenoRob
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In their video talks, the speakers offer though-provoking insights into modern and digital technologies for sustainable crop production. “We have asked the presenters to send us their coolest stuff of the last one to two years”, says Cyrill Stachniss, PhenoRob spokesperson and one of the conference chairs of DigiCrop. The conference chairs are convinced that science and industry must work together on problems as complex as this one. “DigiCrop brings together renowned scientists from all sorts of disciplines and industry experts from all over the world.” One of the key advantages of such technologies of communication is the effect of making distant places grow ‘closer’. This is exactly what we want to achieve with the video talks,” chair Heiner Kuhlmann adds.

The talks include but are not limited to techniques from robotics, mobile sensing, remote sensing, machine learning, and AI for monitoring and analyzing fields, for decision-making, and for supporting sustainable crop production in general. “We are particularly happy that more than 400 participants have already registered on our website as of October 19”, says Cyrill Stachniss. “Given the large number of interesting contributions we have received, the conference will run in three parallel virtual conference rooms on November 10.”

Participation is free of charge – anyone interested in the conference can register on the conference website: www.digicrop.de/registration. All talks will be available online from November 1 on and will be streamed into ZOOM via a central conferencing system. Participants can take part in the live Q&A and submit questions related to the talks prior to the conference via the official conference: http://digicrop.de/

About the PhenoRob Cluster of Excellence

PhenoRob is one of six Clusters of Excellence at the University of Bonn and is carried out in cooperation with the Forschungszentrum Jülich. It is the only Cluster of Excellence in Germany on the topic of agriculture. The project started on January 1, 2019 and will run until the end of 2025, with the possibility to receive funding for another seven years. The Clusters of Excellence are part of the excellence strategy of the federal and state governments. PhenoRob is led by two spokespersons, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Kuhlmann and Prof. Dr. Cyrill Stachniss. More information can be found on the official website: www.phenorob.de

DigiCrop2020 is a scientific event addressing an international and interdisciplinary audience working at the intersection of engineering, robotics, computer science, crop sciences, agricultural sciences, phenotyping, and economics. It brings together researchers and experts across disciplines that develop, propose, use, or evaluate new digital technologies with the goal of making central contributions to sustainability in the context of crop production, crop breeding, biodiversity, or our ecosystems. The conference chairs are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Kuhlmann and Prof. Dr. Cyrill Stachniss.

Media Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Kuhlmann
E-Mail: heiner.kuhlmann@uni-bonn.de

Prof. Dr. Cyrill Stachniss
E-Mail: cyrill.stachniss@igg.uni-bonn.de

DigiCrop2020 Organizing Team
E-Mail: digicrop2020@phenorob.de

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