19. October 2022

Spotlight on: Japan Spotlight on: Japan

The University opens its doors for Japan Day—an International Days event

Japan Day on October 26, is an event celebrating one of the University of Bonn’s eight strategic partner countries. Wide-ranging and authentic insights into Japanese culture await attendees, including the country’s academic landscape.

The University opens its doors for Japan Day—an International Days event
The University opens its doors for Japan Day—an International Days event © Nicht zur freien Verwendung! Foto: colourbox.de
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As a strategic partner country, the University of Bonn has a range of offerings concerning Japan, and Japan Day is an excellent opportunity to find out more about these and whatever else you have been wanting to know about the country—including how to draw manga and to greet people in Japanese. Interested parties can get information on research and exchange opportunities with the University’s partners in Japan at a special marketplace, for which major support is being provided by numerous Japanese cultural institutions.

Alongside a manga workshop, a Japanese for Beginners lesson and screenings of contemporary Japanese cinema, there will also be an exhibition on Japanese Studies in Bonn, with a program including a keynote presentation by Prof. Dr. Kikuko Kashiwagi. Professor Kashiwagi will be talking about the intriguing differences in the respective food cultures of Germany and Japan in her speech entitled: “It's all about the Wurst: the Transformation of Foods in German and Japanese Cuisine.”

The Department of Oriental and Asian Studies will be holding a workshop on “Japanese and East Asian Studies in Ukraine”, which can be attended online as well.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Birgit Münch, University of Bonn Vice Rector for International Affairs, commented: “I am excited about the spotlight on Japan, one of our eight strategic partner countries, as part of our International Days events. In highlighting a particular country we promote cultural diversity and our existing academic exchange opportunities there—things which further our objective of heightening our international profile.”

The Vice Rectorate for International Affairs is inviting the public to Japan Day, organized in cooperation with the Japanese Consulate General in Düsseldorf, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne, the German-Japanese Society of Bonn, the Department of Oriental and Asian Studies and the University’s International Office. Advance registration is required for certain activities.

Complete information about Japan Day and the International Days.

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