30. August 2021

Graduation as a walk „Graduation Walk“: University of Bonn draws a positive balance

In a new format the University of Bonn bid farewell to the current graduating class

Good mood among the guests, relief among the organization team: For the “Graduation Walk” on the Hofgartenwiese meadow last Saturday, the heavenly floodgates remained closed most of the time. Even sunny spells sweetened the day of honor for the celebrants. Throughout the day about 3,000 guests attended the graduation ceremony of the University of Bonn which had a new format due to the corona pandemic.

Graduation in a new format
Graduation in a new format - Students of the University of Bonn in front of the historic main building. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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Since 2005, the University of Bonn has bid farewell to its current graduating class at the Bonn University Festival. This year, the Hofgartenwiese meadow was once again the focus of the event, but celebrants were spread out throughout the day and over several stations so that the distance requirement could be observed at all times. Around the Hofgarten park there were many experiences: For example, guests could test their juggling skills at the University Sports booth, have their picture taken, be filmed or portrayed by a quick-draw artist and, finally, become members of the University Society as newly minted alumni. The highlight of the tour was the presentation of the decorative certificates by the deans of the faculties.

About 900 graduates had accepted the university's offer and had come with friends and family to celebrate their successful graduation in a dignified way. Those celebrating were easily recognizable by the gown and the typical square hat. Insiders were also able to tell from the color of the sashes and hat tassels in which faculty the graduation had taken place: Thus, the rich royal blue stood for the Faculty of Philosophy, the light blue for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the fresh green for the Faculty of Agriculture, while medical graduates were wearing scarlet and the law and political scientists were in purple. And if you paid close attention, you could also spot the three participants each from the Faculty of Catholic Theology and the Faculty of Protestant Theology wearing a blue-violet and black-violet sash, respectively.

Already for weeks, greetings could be placed on the website of the Unifest (https://www.universitaetsfest.uni-bonn.de) and congratulations to the graduating class could be left. It was also already possible to create their own graduation videos ("I did it!") and send digital greeting cards.

uni-bonn.tv has produced a video about the Graduation Walk: 

A photo gallery can be found here shortly: https://cams.ukb.uni-bonn.de/hkom/album/Veranstaltungen/index.html

Lena Hufschmidt
Event Management Team
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E-mail: lena.hufschmidt@uni-bonn.de

Graduation Walk
Graduation Walk - The celebration took place on the Hofgartenwiese meadow. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
Graduation Walk
Graduation Walk - The celebration took place on the Hofgartenwiese meadow. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
Graduation Walk
Graduation Walk - Graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences perform a leap of joy. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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