16. July 2021

“What does transdisciplinarity mean for me?” Transdiciplinarity for me: Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher

Members of the Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) report on what researching across several subjects means to them. This time, it is the turn of Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher. An article from forsch 2021/01.

Transdiziplinarität für mich
Transdiziplinarität für mich - Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher © V. Lannert
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“Transdisciplinary partnerships play a decisive role in enriching my research. They throw up new questions, which have a positive impact on the individual subject areas. Juxtaposing different angles on the same problem allows you to progress your content and your methodology, provided that the researchers involved stay firmly grounded in their respective disciplines. Transdisciplinarity also means getting important issues out into the public arena and promoting an understanding of them. If this serves to create a new awareness and spaces for innovation, then transdisciplinary work will be making a key contribution to advancing science, research and society.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Becher

Spokesperson for the TRA “Past Worlds. Modern Questions: Cultures Across Time and Space (Present Pasts)”

In collaboration with theologians, legal historians, philologists and sociologists among others, the historian is researching how rulers and elites communicated in pre-modern societies.


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