07. September 2023

Supporting and Inspiring Schoolchildren Supporting and Inspiring Schoolchildren

University of Bonn announces partnership with Beethoven-Gymnasium

The University of Bonn has today signed a school partnership agreement with the city’s Beethoven-Gymnasium. The two institutions are thus giving their existing cooperation an official framework that will be fleshed out in the coming years with a wide range of activities.

University of Bonn announces partnership with Beethoven-Gymnasium
University of Bonn announces partnership with Beethoven-Gymnasium - Principal Uwe Bramstedt and Vice Rector Klaus Sandmann with the badge. © University of Bonn/ Volker Lannert
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The partnership aims to enable the children at the Gymnasium to gain an insight into the research and teaching done at the University of Excellence while they are still at school. This will help them when they come to decide on their next steps and give them the best possible preparation for embarking on their studies. Taking part in University activities such as the science rallies, the Children’s University, the Fördern, Fordern, Forschen early-studies program and the University of Bonn Days will provide the young people with an accessible way to engage with the University while honing their inquiring minds.

“For us as a school, this is another key step for giving our students first-hand experience of interesting science, a grounding in an academic way of working, and unique opportunities for career guidance,” explains principal Uwe Bramstedt. “The partnership will teach content and working methods in a highly motivational way, giving the children a steady stream of fresh ideas for the rest of their time at school and their professional career.”

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann, Vice Rector for Teaching, Learning and University Development at the University of Bonn, is also delighted that the cooperation has now been taken to another level: “Showing schoolchildren at an early stage what opportunities the University of Bonn can offer them is very important to us. Supporting and encouraging young people early on is crucial given the many varied questions that’ll be facing society and science in the future. Awakening their curiosity and making them aware of the diverse range of educational opportunities our University offers is key if they are to be able to make their own informed decisions about their future study path. Shaping this together with our partner schools is an extremely enriching experience for all the educational institutions involved. We’re delighted to be stepping up what is already a very strong cooperation arrangement with the Beethoven-Gymnasium and welcoming them as a new partner school.”

The University has nine other partner schools besides the Beethoven-Gymnasium, including two in Spain and Italy. The partnerships aim to support schoolchildren, help them navigate their study options and prepare them for life at university in the best possible way. Before a school can become an official partner, it must already have close ties and an excellent working relationship with the University of Bonn.

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