14. July 2023

University of Bonn Awards Teaching Prizes University of Bonn Awards Teaching Prizes for Outstanding Commitment and Creative Ideas

Fourteen teachers honored for their outstanding commitment and creative ideas

Fourteen teachers at the University of Bonn have been presented with teaching prizes from the University in recognition of their dedication to the profession. The lecturers—six women and eight men—were chosen by the students themselves. They were handed their prize certificates by Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann, Vice Rector for Teaching, Learning and University Development, at a ceremony on the Hofgarten lawn in Bonn that formed part of the Universitätsfest and was attended by over 4,000 people.

Lehrpreise 2023
Lehrpreise 2023 - 13 of the 14 award-winning teachers received their certificates in person at the university festival. Also in the picture: Dean and award-winner Prof. Walter Witke (light blue gown), Rector Prof. Michael Hoch (red gown), Vice Rector Prof. Irmgard Förster (left, black-blue gown), Vice Rector Prof. Annette Scheersoi (right, black-light blue gown) , Vice Rector Prof. Birgit Ulrike Münch (right, black-dark blue gown) and Vice Rector Prof. Klaus Sandmann (black-red gown). © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann, Vice Rector for Teaching, Learning and University Development at the University of Bonn, thanked the teachers on its behalf for their outstanding hard work and dedication: “You have succeeded in conveying content to your students in a way that they understand and is relevant to the here and now, and the great enjoyment you get out of doing so is self-evident. Your motivation, your subject expertise and your methodological skills are clear to see. Your students appreciate how you regularly go beyond the call of duty, make an active contribution to curriculum development, are always looking for ways to improve how you teach, draw on the very latest research and help your students to turn their own research ideas into reality. I cannot agree more with these inspiring words from our students and would like to add my own heartfelt congratulations on top.”

2023’s prize-winners are:

Bonn Center for Teacher Education
Dr. Regula Krapf, Mathematical Institute

Faculty of Protestant Theology
Dr. Arnold Becker, Language Lecturer for Latin and Greek

Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Ute Weisz, Institute of Nutritional and Food Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Margherita Disertori, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Simone Giertz, Department of Earth Sciences, Geography
Prof. Dr. Finn Kristian Hansen, Department of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Walter Witke, Department of Biology

Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Benedict Jürgensen, Oral and Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sasse, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Physiology I

Faculty of Arts
Alba Iglesias Martín, Romance Studies
Dr. Erika Linz, Department of Language, Media Studies, and Musicology
Dr. Sebastian Speitel, Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Law and Economics
Julian Hettihewa, Department of Law, Institute for Public International Law
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hakenes, Department of Economics, Institute of Finance and Statistics

You can watch the video of the awards ceremony for the teaching prizes on the uni-bonn.tv YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/G7_pqGhYSYM and view photos in the Universitätsfest album at https://cams.ukb.uni-bonn.de/hkom/album/Veranstaltungen/Universitaetsfest/2023/index.html.

Lehrpreise 2023
Lehrpreise 2023 - Speaking on behalf of the University, Vice Rector Klaus Sandmann praised the teachers for their outstanding commitment. © Photo: Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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