25. May 2022

Motivated by gratitude and a love of knowledge Motivated by gratitude and a love of knowledge

Formation of the Dr. Holger Aulepp Foundation

Dr. Holger Aulepp, former Head Physician at Borkum Riff Rehabilitation Clinic on the North Sea island of Borkum, has formed an eponymous foundation under the umbrella of the University of Bonn Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide doctoral and other students active in the field of Protestant theology funding for excavation excursions and stays in Israel. Dr. Aulepp had provided generous support for two excavation excursions before forming of the foundation.

Formation of the Dr. Holger Aulepp Foundation
Formation of the Dr. Holger Aulepp Foundation - f.l.t.r.: Antonia Streit, General Management, University of Bonn Foundation, Prof. Dr. Cornelia Richter, Dean, Dr. Holger Aulepp and University of Bonn Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch. © University of Bonn/ Volker Lannert
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The Dr. Holger Aulepp Foundation was formed today by the University of Bonn Rectorate with the mission of promoting science, research and adult and vocational education, including support for students of the Old Testament, Judaical history and early Christianity in Antiquity. This mission rests upon the scientific and academic disciplines of archeology, philology, the artistic, economic and social history of antiquity and numismatics, among others.

In the founder’s comments in this regard he underscored how scientific inquiry must always take as its basis real spatial factors and real historical events. “The foundation was formed with this chiefly in mind as an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the education of students,” said Aulepp, “as individuals relatively new to the academic study of theology.” “I decided to form this foundation primarily out of gratitude for the privilege of studying medicine at this university, and for my later studies of the Hebrew Bible in extended dialogue with Dr. Graupner of the Faculty of Protestant Theology.” Dr. Aulepp noted how fulfilling it is to now have actually formed this foundation.

University of Bonn Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch praised the altruistic act of creating the foundation, commenting on how important knowledge and scientific-academic study are for its founder: “Gifting funds to create a thing of lasting benefit beyond the span of one's own lifetime displays an uncommon dedication and a profound connection with our University of Excellence and the people through whom it is realized. To me, this impressive contribution for the benefit of students is indicative of tremendous appreciation of and for the work we do, for which I most sincerely thank the founder.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hüttemann, chair of the University of Bonn Foundation, likewise noted the donor’s generosity: “It is important to me to talk at length with the donors who create foundations and find out about their motivations for doing so, so that the overarching University of Bonn Foundation can better act in accordance with the founders’ will.” Professor Hüttemann expressed how inspiring Dr. Aulepp’s great enthusiasm is regarding the field to which the foundation is devoted, and how donating one’s wealth for a benevolent foundation is by no means a common occurrence. “We thus see it as our duty to ensure to the best of our ability that the foundation is run in accordance with the intended purposes of Dr. Aulepp.” A church service will be held at the Palace Chapel as a ceremony marking the opening of the foundation at 11 am on June 19, 2022. “All University of Bonn staff and students as well as the general public are cordially invited to attend,” declared Hüttemann.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Richter, Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology, expressed her thanks to the founder as well: “Your foundation will be an enduring instance enabling future generations of students at our faculty to go on excursions to historical sites in Israel. These are essential for young people exploring the roots of the Jewish and Christian creeds to expand the horizons of their theological thought.” The foundation thus truly enriches academic study at the faculty, benefiting students first and foremost.

Dr. Holger Aulepp was born in Mühlhausen in the German state of Thüringia. After studying human medicine at the University of Bonn he held medical intern and research assistant positions at the University of Bonn at various stations. Dr. Aulepp completed studies in his field of medical specialization at the University of Cologne Dermatology Clinic. After working as physician in various capacities, including a lengthy stint at the German Center for Medical Diagnostics (DKD), he became a Head Physician of the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at Borkum Riff Rehabilitation Clinic (under the federal employee social security administration – BfA) on the North Sea island of Borkum, before becoming Directing Physician there. Now in retirement he devotes his time to the study of ancient Hebrew and the Old Testament, and has funded two student excursions to Israel.

Dr. Aulepp is already putting substantial funds into the foundation in trust (non-posthumously), and has bequeathed his estate to the foundation for furthering of the foundation’s objectives over a period of 20 or more years beyond his decease.

Further information:
Antonia Streit
General Management, University of Bonn Foundation
+49 (0)228 73-7011

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