14. March 2024

New University of Bonn App Replaces Student IDs From 2024 summer semester onward, the app will include student ID, Deutschlandsemesterticket, and staff ID

From the 2024 summer semester onward, the app will include student IDs, Deutschlandsemesterticket (public transport ticket), the University's canteen menu and staff ID rolled into one.

New University of Bonn App
New University of Bonn App © University of Bonn
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The University of Bonn’s student IDs are going digital in time for the 2024 summer semester, signaling the end of the “pink papers” with hologram that have been well known for decades. For students, the new University of Bonn app now combines their student ID, Deutschlandsemesterticket and canteen menu in a single user-friendly application. Besides their student ID number, the digital student ID also contains the holder’s name, allowing it to be checked against their ID card as usual. The Deutschlandsemesterticket, previously known as the student transit pass, is stored as a QR code. But that is not all: the app also serves as a staff ID for University of Bonn employees. Its modular design will allow extra features to be added in the future, such as a library card or an interface with the learning management system.

As well as taking a further step on its digitalization journey, therefore, the University of Bonn is also doing its bit for sustainability by saving resources. “We’re delighted to be one of the first universities in North Rhine-Westphalia to have launched our own app,” explains Daniela Korden, who heads up the “Campus App” project at the Digital Science Center (DiCe) in University IT. “It’ll enable our students and staff to access information quickly and easily from mobile devices, make use of services and deal with day-to-day tasks.” The app is secure and ad-free.

More information on the University of Bonn app is available on the University website

You can email the service team at unibonnapp@uni-bonn.de if you have any questions.

App contributing to Digital Strategy

The University of Bonn’s Digital Strategy sets out the measures and structures required for its digital transformation. The “Campus-App” project forms part of the Organizational Structure set of objectives and is geared toward developing, rolling out and operating a new University of Bonn app as a solution providing mobile and digital services to all University members. The University is thus taking part in the Universe project (formerly Campus-App.nrw).

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