20. January 2022

Hausdorff Memorial Prize awarded Hausdorff Memorial Prize awarded

Mathematics Department of the University of Bonn honors Florian Schweiger for the best dissertation

The Mathematics Department of the University of Bonn has awarded the Hausdorff Memorial Prize to former doctoral student Florian Schweiger for the best PhD thesis in mathematics in the past academic year. The honor, which took place virtually, was held by the chair of the Department, Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier, subsequent to the Hausdorff Colloquium.

Mathematician Florian Schweiger
Mathematician Florian Schweiger - has been awarded with the Hausdorff Memorial Prize. © private
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The Hausdorff Memorial Prize is presented in honor of the Bonn mathematics professor Felix Hausdorff (1868-1942) every year around the anniversary of his death, the 26th January. Professors and private lecturers have the right to nominate candidates. Every professor and private lecturer may make a nomination. The final decision is made by a jury appointed by the Mathematics Department. The award consists of a 500 euro prize money and a book prize.

In his PhD thesis at the Institute of Applied Mathematics, this year's prize winner Florian Schweiger has dealt with a number of difficult problems in the borders between analysis, probability theory, and statistical mechanics. He was supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller, vice speaker of the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics Cluster of Excellence.

Broad methodological spectrum

In statistical mechanics, the measured quantities in a system of finite volume are subject to random fluctuations. If the system is enlarged and the number of particles and the volume go to infinity so that the density remains constant, this is known as the thermodynamic limit. In this way, the statistical fluctuations disappear and thermodynamic state variables are obtained in the limiting case. A central question in the PhD thesis of Florian Schweiger is to understand the behavior of so-called discrete elastic membranes in this thermodynamic limit. “Remarkable is the broad methodological spectrum, which Florian Schweiger handles with great elegance and technical skills,” was the jury's assessment.

The best Bachelor theses

In addition to the Hausdorff Memorial Prize, the "Bonner Mathematische Gesellschaft" honors the best Bachelor theses in mathematics each year. In the academic year 2020/2021, the following Bachelor graduates were awarded:

Lars Becker, "The Falconer Problem", supervisor: Pavel Zorin-Kranich

Moritz Hartlieb, "A reconstruction theorem for varieties", supervisor: Daniel Huybrechts

Jan Holstermann, "Brunn-Minkowski Inequality with Gaussian Measure", supervisor: Pavel Zorin-Kranich

Daniel Perniok, "Unzerlegbare Darstellungen der Lorentz-Gruppe und Köcherdarstellungen", supervisor: Igor Burban

Vanessa Ryborz, "Properties of Solutions of a System of Partial Differential Equations with Singular Data", supervisor: Sergio Conti

Pascal Steinke, "Sobolev inequalities: Trace style", supervisor: Franz Gmeineder

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