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The excellent reputation of the University of Bonn means that it has established an internationally-renowned network with intensive teaching and research cooperations. The location of the University in Bonn, with its proximity to UN facilities and a range of internationally-active research and funding organizations makes for a unique advantage, opening as it does, a gateway to the world and anchoring the University in a range of national and international networks.


The Internationalization Strategy 2025

Internationalization is a key element in the overall orientation and development planning of the University of Bonn. The internationalization strategy seeks to build on and extend this key advantage.

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Regional Priorities in International Cooperation

The University partnership strategy defines key partner universities and priority countries for international collaboration.

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International Partnerships and Cooperation Programs

The University of Bonn is active in a large number of international networks and projects, and maintains cooperation programs with partner universities on every continent.


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With our magazine, we give you an insight into the research and teaching being done at our University. We focus on our transdisciplinary research and the work that we are undertaking in our six Clusters of Excellence. By virtue of their reputation and sheer number, they are without parallel in the entire German university sector.

Find out more about us in the reports on the University, on our research and on some of our favorite places in Bonn—an extremely likeable city that is home to numerous international organizations.


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