Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Andrew Feenberg

Prof. Dr. Andrew Feenberg introduces the field of philosophy of technology as a necessary and valuable discourse for current times. The lecture centers around critical theory of technology and will be inspired by Prof. Dr. Feenberg’s latest book "The Ruthless Critique of Everything Existing: Nature and Revolution in Marcuse’s Philosophy of Praxis" (2023).

Prof. Feenberg is a prominent figure of what is called the empirical turn in philosophy of technology. His approach, Critical Constructivism, provides a theoretical toolkit for assessing technology design in light of political choice. His approach combines critical theory as championed by Karl Marx and the Frankfurt School with a sociological constructivist lens on technology associated with Science and Technology Studies.

No registration required and open to all!

Associated workshop with Prof. Feenberg on June 16.

Funded by Bonner Graduiertenzentrum
Thursday, 15.06.23 - 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Philosophie, Technikphilosophie, Kritische Theorie
Target groups

All interested

Hörsaal I, Uni Hauptgebäude, Am Hof 1, 53113 Bonn
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Bonn Sustainable AI Lab, Institut für Wissenschaft und Ethik
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