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Why Internationalization? - Old and new rationales in diverse higher education systems

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Welcome Message from the Vice Rector

Dear conference guests,
Why internationalization? Why are we so keen to internationalize our universities and to increase their internationality? What are the theoretical motives driving us on and what does this actually look like in practice? In our two-day conference, we would like to explore the subject of internationalization from an academic, theoretical perspective and contrast that with real-world experience, by listening to the findings of distinguished researchers on internationalization and then, on the second day, hearing from the directors of international offices and vice rectors of our partner universities around the world report on their actual experience. Furthermore, in smaller discussion groups, we would like to share our experiences on the challenges, but also the innovations that have accompanied the corona crisis.
The conference can be attended in two ways. Those wishing to participate will be able to follow the event via live stream or actively take part by video conference from anywhere in the world. Whatever your location, please feel free to join our conference on October 5-6, 2020. I am looking forward to a lively participation from guests present at the conference and from all over the world and to seeing how internationalization and internationality can be practiced in our times of social distancing and travel restrictions.
Looking forward to seeing you at the conference,
Stephan Conermann