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Who's who: Each of these 600 Ancient Egyptian burial pots is inscribed with the name of the benefactor. Using this collection in the Egyptian Museum, researchers are able to identify a persons handwriting and link it to other documents from the time to paint a picture of social and political relationships.



Back in time: From small polished gemstones that are millions of years old to the two-meter-long tiger's eye - the Mineralogocial Museum is one of a kind in Germany. School childen travel through space and time almost daily. 



Taking the lead: Students take an active part in developing the Paul-Clemen-Museum by participating in the curation of objects and creating exhibitions of modern art.

Must See Museums and Collections at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn has a number of important museums and collections that serve as centers of academic teaching and research and are open for exploration to the public. The University of Bonn's museums and exhibitions contribute to the city's attractiveness as a center for culture and science.

A visit to any of our museums is both entertaining and informative. 

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum displays one of the richest collections of Egyptian artefacts in the Rhineland.

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Academic Art Museum

Amongst antique artefacts from Greece and Rome, discover Germany's largest collection of antique sculpture plaster casts.

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The Arithmeum presents the history of mechanical calculating machines, as well as the computing of today, in an aesthetically attractive environment.

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Botanical Gardens

One of the oldest botanical gardens in Germany, with an enormous range of plant and tree species outside and inside a large conservatory. 

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Goldfuß Museum

The Goldfuß Museum features fossils from all over the world - direct evidence of earth's billions of years of life history.

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Horst-Stoeckel Museum

The most comprehensive museum of the history of Anaesthesiology in Europe featuring technological and pharmaceutical items from 1846 to the present day.

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Mineralogical Museum

Containing a collection of over 60,000 precious stones and meteorites from around the world making it the most important of its kind in Germany. 

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The "Bonner Amerikas-Sammlung" with a collection of over 10,000 ethnographic and archeological objects, give insight into some of the material culture of past and present indigenous groups in America. 

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This is the University of Bonn's art history museum with a collection of plaster cast sculptures from antiquity to modernity as well as works of modern art and remades for teaching purposes. Regular special exhibitions. 

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University Museum

In an experiential setting get to know the history of the University of Bonn from its founding in 1818 to today. Regular special exhibitions are on offer.

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Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig

This research museum of the Leibniz Association is one of the major natural history museums in Germany and a partner institution of the University of Bonn. Discover the permanent exhibition Our Blue Planet as well as regular special exhibitions. 

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Gustav Korkhaus Collection for the History of Dentistry

In addition to dental treatment units reflecting the development of optimal patient positioning for each treatment, a wealth of dental instruments from the past 150 years are on display.

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