Dominik Bach
Prof. Dr. Dominik Bach
  • Hertz Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience
  • TRA "Life & Health"
  • Theoretical Neuroscience
  • Artificial Intelligence
Our team uses models and methods from artificial intelligence research and theoretical neuroscience in order to decipher the function of the human brain. We seek to characterise the mathematical operations that control human actions. To unravel the limitations – and thereby the functioning – of these mechanisms, we analyse human behaviour in extreme situations such as escaping from dangerous animals, or predicting threat in the environment. Experimentally, this builds on immersive virtual reality in which record the behaviour of players while they move freely. Our research results might contribute to a better understanding of psychiatric disorders and development of novel therapeutic approaches.
Ausgewählte Publikationen
  • Korn CW & Bach DR (2018). Heuristic and optimal policy computations in the human brain during sequential decision-
    making. Nature Communications, 9: 325.
  • Castegnetti G, Tzovara A, Khemka S, Melinščak F, Barnes GR, Dolan RJ, Bach DR (2020). Representations of probabilistic
    outcomes during risky decision-making. Nature Communications, 11: 2419.
  • Bach DR, Melinščak F, Fleming SM, Voelkle M (2020). Calibrating the experimental measurement of psychological
    attributes. Nature Human Behaviour, 4: 1229-1235.
  • Bach DR, Castegnetti G, Korn CW, Gerster S, Melinscak F, Moser T (2018). Psychophysiological modelling – current state
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Dominik Bach
Prof. Dr. Dominik Bach
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