Rainer Surges
Prof. Dr. Rainer Surges
  • Klinik für Epileptologie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
  • autonomic dysfunction
  • digital medicine
  • epilepsy surgery
The Department of Epileptology is one of the leading institutions dealing with all aspects of seizure disorders in clinical care and research. We have, amongst others, a long-standing experience in immune-mediated epilepsies and particular expertise in intracranial EEG recordings performed in candidates for epilepsy surgery which offers unique scientific opportunities. Our research topics include cellular and network properties leading to seizure generation and cessation, seizure prediction and neuronal mechanisms associated with memory. We explore autonomic dysfunction in people with epilepsy to understand and reduce the risk of premature mortality. We also investigate and develop mobile health technologies to automatically detect seizures for ambulatory therapy monitoring and use in clinical studies.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Adams T, Wagner S, Baldinger M, Zellhuber I, Weber M, Nass D, Surges R (2022) Accurate detection of heart rate using in-ear photoplethysmography in a clinical setting. Front Digit Health 4:909519.

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Rainer Surges
Prof. Dr. Rainer Surges
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