Oliver Gruß
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gruß
  • Institut für Genetik
  • genomic stability
  • mitosis
  • microtubuli
In every cell division, the mitotic spindle faithfully segregates sister chromatids and ensures equal distribution of the genetic information to the two arising daughter cells. The accuracy of spindle formation directly relates to genomic stability. Defects in spindle assembly will cause chromosome segregation defects and may ultimately lead to infertility or malignant cell transformation. The spindle features a bipolar, highly dynamic microtubule array that forms after global rearrangement of the entire microtubule cytoskeleton at the onset of mitosis. Research in our group aims at elucidating general principles of mitotic microtubule regulation, at identifying key effectors that carry out this regulation and at understanding the detailed molecular mechanisms of their mode of action.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

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Oliver Gruß
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gruß
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