Marcel Bausch
  • Klinik und Poliklinik für Epileptologie
  • cognition
  • epilepsy
  • wearable sensors
Our lab combines neuroscience, medicine and cutting-edge technology for the study of epilepsy and cognitive functions such as memory in the field. With custom neurotechnologies, including our innovative mobile ear-EEG, we investigate how the brain is shaped by internal and external landscapes, aiming to transform these discoveries into real-world applications. Our research integrates intracranial recordings, EEGs, and tailored wearables, using neurotechnologies like mobile ear-EEGs or sensor-effector networks to discover new neuroscience insights and apply them practically. We devise innovative solutions, from bare electronic components to advanced sensor systems, enabling a comprehensive view of brain activity from individual neurons to complex behaviors, and crafting effective interventions for clinical challenges.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Reber, T. P., Mackay, S., Bausch, M., Kehl, M. S., Borger, V., Surges, R., & Mormann, F. (2023). Single-neuron mechanisms of neural adaptation in the human temporal lobe. Nature Communications, 14(1), 2496. 

Bausch, M., Niediek, J., Reber, T. P., Mackay, S., Boström, J., Elger, C. E., & Mormann, F. (2021). Concept neurons in the human medial temporal lobe flexibly represent abstract relations between concepts. Nature Communications, 12(1), 6164. 

Jordan, A.*, Bausch, M.*, & Surges, R. (2019). Semi-automatic quantification of seizure-related effects on heart activity. Epilepsy Research, 157, 106187. 

Mormann, F*., Bausch, M.*, Knieling, S., & Fried, I. (2019). Neurons in the Human Left Amygdala Automatically Encode Subjective Value Irrespective of Task. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y.: 1991), 29(1), 265–272.

Marcel Bausch
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