Jan Gründemann
Dr. Jan Gründemann
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen e. V. (DZNE)
  • deep brain imaging
  • neural coding
  • associative learning
Reliable integration of an ever-changing multitude of sensory inputs from the environment is the basis for learning and memory and shapes our behaviours. Our research aims to understand how sensory inputs are represented and computed to elucidate key principals of multisensory integration. To address this question, we combine state of the art circuit neuroscience tools like opto- and pharmacogenetics with single and two-photon imaging techniques to reveal computational frameworks of multisensory integration in deep brain areas and their effects on behaviour and learning in health and disease.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Taylor J, Hasegawa M, Benoit CM, Freire JA, Theodore, M, Ganea DA, Innocenti SM, Lu T, Gründemann J (2021) Single cell plasticity and population coding stability in auditory thalamus upon associative learning. Nature Communications 12(1):2438

Gründemann J (2021) Distributed coding in auditory thalamus and basolateral amygdala upon associative fear learning. Current opinion in neurobiology 67:183 - 189

Gründemann J, Bitterman Y, Lu T, Krabbe S, Grewe BF, Schnitzer MJ, Lüthi A (2019) Amygdala ensembles encode behavioral states. Science 364(6437):eaav8736

Grewe BF, Gründemann J, Kitch LJ, Lecoq JA, Parker JG, Marshall JD, Larkin MC, Jercog PE, Grenier F, Li JZ, Lüthi A, Schnitzer MJ (2017) Neural ensemble dynamics underlying a long-term associative memory. Nature 543(7647):670 - 675

Jan Gründemann
Dr. Jan Gründemann
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